Holy Spirit



Presenters: Fred and Katrina Wilson

Part I.   Biblical – Spiritual Perspective

  • Affirming the importance of the dynamics of the Holy Spirit in the life of Christ followers
  • Connecting with the Holy Spirit’s place within the Trinity, with you and in you, the leading of the Holy Spirit, the fruit, and the gifts of the Spirit  to strengthen your daily walk with the Lord. 
  • Reviewing the historical and present day phenomenal outpouring of the Holy Spirit within the universal body of Christ. 
  • Considering the importance of the baptism of the Holy Spirit in strengthening the believer’s relationship to the Lord and their prayer life.

Part II.   Practical Perspective

  • Staying focused on a growing relationship with the Holy Spirit. 
  • Learning to discern the will of God for guidance and major decisions: three harbor lights.
  • Relating to the gifts of the Holy Spirit with balance and wisdom. Born again believers have the Holy Spirit with them and in them. 
  • Could there be more of the Holy Spirit to experience? Opportunity and assistance by the presenters will be given in a separate session for those who desire to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Who will benefit from attending? All ages. Invite your friends. Outlines will be provided.

                                    PASTORAL EVALUATION

*     As believers grow in their relationship to the Holy Spirit, the local church is strengthened.

  • A key to describe the overall presentation of this seminar is the word balance. Could it be that extremisms of the past have hindered today’s focus on the Holy Spirit in the life of believers and within local churches? Of course, this does not relate to all local churches.  Could it be it’s a new day to refocus with balance on the empowering dynamics of the Holy Spirit? 
  • Relating to the gifts of the Holy Spirit in church services (I Corinthians 12-14). Should this issue come up, we will simply encourage the people to flow with the guidelines of their pastor and local church.
  • Tag Team: Katrina and I are available to flow together in the sessions. She is very gifted in assisting believers to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. As a side note, we desire to not know anything about the participants’ relationship to the Holy Spirit. This frees us up in pursuing the leading of the Spirit in relating to various Holy Spirit truths. 

*   Desired sessions. Four 50 minute sessions. Also, flexible to flow with the wisdom of the Pastor in the scheduling of less sessions.

Desire aminimum of 12-15 participants.

Pastor, should you have any questions or suggestions in relating to this seminar or in scheduling,  please contact us.