Health and Healing



Presenter: Dr. C. Frederick Wilson

Part I. Biblical – Spiritual Focus:  Revelation Not Speculation

  • Humanity’s quest for wholeness. Biblical and church history perspectives.
  • Reviewing Christ’s provision for total person health and healing (spirit, soul, body)
  • Could it be that certain traditions of men and concepts, if believed, could hinder you in experiencing total person health and healing at a higher level?         
  • Evaluating biblical reasons and truths that will assist you in expecting and appropriating total person health and healing. 

Part II. Practical Focus: Plan A Health / Plan B Healing

  • Bringing the natural and supernatural together for total person wholeness. Do natural disciplines such as diet, exercise, etc. really matter? 
  • God’s written word  “The Original Total Person Health and Healing Manual”.
  • Guidelines when receiving medical assistance and continuing in the faith zone to receive healing and a speedy recovery.  Notable assistance from the Lord    
  • Ministering prayer for others to receive divine healing: the Do’s and Do Not’s.

Who should attend? All believers and not-yet believes. Invite your friends.

Manual and other materials  included.



  • Key word relative to the information shared is balance in bringing healthy natural principles and biblical truths together.
  • Presenter will be open to consider and to respond to various questions that the participantsmay have relative to total person health and healing.
  • At last session could close with anointing with oil and laying on of hands for those who may desire ministry related to their need of healing. This could be an example in praying for the sick, etc.
  • Sessions desired:  four  50-minute sessions. Also flexible to flow with the Pastor’s wisdom in scheduling of less sessions.
  • The manual used in this seminar is a revised and condensed edition of my 257 page ORU doctorate thesis “Increasing in Knowledge Regarding Total Person Health and Healing In The Local Church.”  Within this thesis also is a fourteen hour study course entitled “God’s Plan For Your Total Person Health And Healing.”
  • Pastor, any questions relative to content, scheduling, etc., please contact me.