WHAT DOES GOD THINK ABOUT MONEY?

                                     PROMOTION OF SEMINAR

                            Presenter: Dr. C. Frederick Wilson

EXPERIENCE… stability and increase in your financial journey

CONNECT……. with a divine purpose bigger than yourself

DISCOVER…… the joy of making a positive difference in a hurting world

PART 1. Biblical Financial Wisdom Success Principles

              *  It really is Father God’s desire that you prosper.

              * The biblical tithing and giving of offerings factor. Designed to bless and protect your finances. 

Part 2. Practical Insights To Strengthen Your Financial Journey

             * Answers shared to major questions relative to tithing and giving of offerings.

             * The Bible an economic handbook: taxes, loans, loaning to others, etc.

             * Suggestions from financial professional advisers:  investing, safety guidelines, avoiding scams. “Too Good To Be True? “ “Get Ready, Get Set, To Demolish Debt”

Part 3. Protecting Your Financial Journey

             * Spiritual/ Biblical based guidelines to deal with financial challenges.

             * What Now? Available. A step by step strategic plan for you to personally and privately evaluate your present financial status and steps to move forward.

PRIVACY PRACTICED … participants will not be motivated to share their personal financial status or their tithing and giving practices.   

* Welcome: Age 16 and upward bound. Millennial flavored, generational friendly.

* Syllabus plus Text Book: The Ultimate Money Plan for Followers of Christ. Dr. Wilson, Author



* Is something wrong with this picture? Surveys: 10 to14% of Christians tithe regularly. Only one-fourth of local churches’ vision is fulfilled due to lack of financial support. 80% of 

   American pastors have to work a secular job. Christians for the most part are no more financially stable than non-Christians.

* Major goal of this seminar is to increase the financial support of the local church. Just motivating believers to read my book will give them understanding of the blessing of tithing and giving and it’s importance to God, the local church, and themselves.

Why is this seminar different… from some of the major high level financial courses?

  • Less time to present it and less costly.
  • Very local church friendly and establishes the local church as the place to tithe.
  • Can connect believers to free faith based financial advisors via phone or on line.