PROMOTION OF SEMINAR 

                                            Presenter C. Frederick Wilson

Part I. Biblical – Spiritual Focus:  Revelation verses Speculation

  • Establishing the absolute importance of pursuing a biblical based lifestyle of living by faith. “The just shall live by faith.” Romans 1:17. 
  • Living by faith in a broken world with all of its challenges. “For we walk by faith and not by sight. II Corinthians 5:7. Following Christ and the will of God is a journey of faith.
  • What is faith? Reviewing biblical based dynamics of faith. The faith life is God’s idea, a divine spiritual force released to a believer, a new covenant spiritual law.
  • Evaluating major doctrinal biblical truths to strengthen your journey of faith

Part II. Practical Focus: Getting a Better Grip on Living by Faith

  • Applying faith to the realities of life’s challenges. (The Alphabet of Faith).
  • Growing in faith and protecting your faith walk. 
  • Faith Check. What can you do when it seems your faith is not working? Who hasn’t faced this challenge? How to stay focused.
  • Faith to be faithful. Presenting the eternal factors to consider.

Who Will Benefit By Attending? All Believers and not-yet believers. Invite your friends. Available for your purchase is the Living by Faith Manual.


  • In Part I:  According to the time I have, I will focus somewhat on major doctrines that strengthen our faith life. Doctrines such as: redemption realities, integrity of the word. God’s sovereignty, Romans 8:28, who’s in control, etc.  Why?  To strengthen the truth that God is for us not against us. 
  • Strengthening the local church: To aid in the strengthening the local church, I deal with Faith to be faithful: faithful to our commitment to Christ and His Church, faithful to family, one’s career, school, etc.
  • Last session: could close the last session with anointing of oil: a time of releasing the past and refocusing on the future.
  • The Living By Faith Seminar Manual: Adapted and shortened from the 92 page manual Living by Faith which was a 10-hour course I taught with Beacon University/ Christian Life School of Theology at different local church campuses in the U.S.A and internationally.

Scheduling: Desire a minimum of four to six 50-minute sessions. Also flexible to flow with the Pastor’s wisdom in scheduling if less session desired.